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7 Sex Exercises That Will Work Like Magic For You

Exercises and workouts are not only beneficial for shedding those extra calories but they are just awesome for your sex life. Like nutrition, exercises also ensure sexual wellness in men and women. They help in beating stress, improve blood circulation, and keep diseases at bay. Here is an amazing compilation of 7 sex exercises that will bring back the lost stamina and energy to perform in bed.

1. Kegels

For more strength and endurance, kegels are beneficial exercises for men and women. Kegels are basically pelvic-floor-strengthening exercises that pay off rich dividends when it comes to getting maximum sexual pleasure. It comprises of contracting and relaxing the muscles in your pelvic floor.

In men, this exercise strengthens the pelvic, pubococcygeus (PC) (and the perineal muscles. All these facilitate men to perform better in bed by overcoming sexual issues like premature ejaculation and erectile disorders. Moreover, it also helps in increasing libido too for a riveting sex life.

2. Squat

This sex exercise improves fitness, flexibility, increase sexual desire, enhance blood flow and thigh strength in women to try out audacious positions in bedroom.

Besides wide squat, lower squat too is beneficial for strengthening the abdomen and stimulating blood circulation in the genitals.

To practice lower squat, push off from your heels and grip your abdominals tightly [as you return to standing position].” This should be done slowly and for 15 to 30 reps.

Zercher squat is exciting too as it is an ideal way for guys to toughen their body for standing positions from where they can lift the woman off the ground. This sex exercise uses light weights for building muscle endurance.

3. Gluteal Bridge

For those women who want to achieve a bigger orgasm, Gluteal Bridge is just perfect. It targets the pelvic muscles and strengthens them to a great extent.

To practice it, stretch out on the floor, keep arms at your sides, twist the knees, and place the heels on the floor. Raise your hips off the ground until your knees, hips, and shoulders appear on a straight line. Do 20 reps.

4. Cardiovascular Exercises

If you are not in shape, then you can never have an active sex life. It will make the act of sexual intercourse difficult for you with sweating, tiring and panting. The best way to regain a fine figure and shed calories is practicing cardiovascular exercises like running, jumping rope, swimming and cycling.

Do them on a regular basis and you will notice an increase in physical energy, fitness and endurance.

5. Plank

While focusing on lower body and pelvic parts, don’t forget about upper body strength preparation. Having a strong upper body means you can possess a big chest, healthy core and engage in exciting sex positions/exotic poses.

6. Flexibility Moves for Hips and Legs

This sex exercise will help you to prevent cramps or muscle pull-ups during sexual activities. So practice it every day to improve flexibility in your legs and hips.

The writer of this article is Abhisek Mondal is an expert in writing articles for sex supplements for men and women. Recently, he has started writing for Bullet Ayurvedic , a top-notch retailer of sexual supplements. Connect with Bullet at Facebook for updates, deals and other info.


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