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For many homeowners, selling their house is something they’d rather not think about until it’s urgent

For many homeowners, selling their house is something they’d rather not think about until it’s urgent. All house prices are impacted by surrounding factors and features of said house, most of which are out of their control. By way of illustration, being situated next to a pub and having a small garden is something which stands to decrease the value of a home. Similarly, being within five minutes of a frequent bus route and having a driveway are factor that will increase the value of a house.

There are, of course, some things which are in control of homeowner. These things include renovations and upgrades. It’s worth bearing in mind which way some of these can tip the balance before you set out on your next project.

Home improvements that will benefit your house value:

Open plan floor layout

In the 19th century, Victorian style housing emerged in Britain to accompany the ever-growing population. These houses were built symmetrically to each other, featuring small and closed rooms, as well as being adorned with opulent furnishings.

Nowadays, open spaces are popular for homeowners looking for flowing light and entertainment space for house guests. Therefore, the demand to knock down walls, particularly the downstairs space, is at an all time high. Anyone who’s already a homeowner to an open plan layout has certainly hit the jackpot.

Relaxing bathroom set up

With the encouragement for more focussed wellbeing, break out spaces are requested both at home and at work. Often, the room for this at home will be the bathroom. An area where occupants can completely remove themselves from everyday stresses and relax in their own company.

In order to do this, homeowners need a relaxing set up in place. Starting with offering a choice, install both a shower and a bath. This way, occupants can let the running water wash away a day’s work or relax their muscles in the bath. Some homeowners even opt for various settings on the shower dependent on their preference.

Decorate with neutral colours to avoid creating a busy environment. Consider introducing household plants to add a feeling of being at one with nature, and set up ambient lighting for a sleepy, relaxed atmosphere.

Loft conversions

With remote working and being your own boss becoming increasingly popular, potential opportunity in a house is a winning selling point for many house buyers. Life in general can often be lived from home nowadays; working from home, playing and socialising with friends, pampering yourself and so on. After all, who wouldn’t love the option to set up a home office, games room or a dressing room?

With this in mind, a loft conversion to accommodate for one of these is the icing on the cake for many house buyers.

You may be wondering where you’re supposed to store your Christmas decorations, suitcases and ancient toys. Well, there’s always a solution for this without decreasing the value of your house. Transform the garage into your new loft space, invest in a weather-proofed shed at the end of the garden, or use the now renovated loft space to store your belongings if you currently need it for no other purpose.

Extending on top of the garage

Buying a house isn’t as throwaway or simple anymore. For this reason, many house buyers will be looking for something that could be a ‘forever home’ as opposed to a first home. Interestingly, an extension on top of the garage is an attractive attribute to have. Upon seeing this, house buyers note that they can comfortably extend the family or start that business they’ve always wanted if they were to move in.

Make energy saving changes

Right now, and rightly so, saving energy in the household is on a massive upwards curve. With the government constantly putting pressure on UK citizens to cut down on their energy consumption, most housing companies and homeowners have obediently followed in line.

Indeed, households that run on renewable heating and solar powered electricity have a significantly costlier price attached to them. For example, energy efficient central heating has been known to add as much as 6000 to the retail price of a home.

Renovations that have, in fact, been known to reduce house value:

Outdated decor

Whilst decor isn’t anything too out of the way to fix when buying a new home, first impressions do mean everything. From this perspective, outdated decor can be all it takes to put someone off buying a house. Of course, we all know that the longer a house sits on the market, the more the value drops.

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, consider stripping back the decor so viewers aren’t distracted from the structure and space.

Unsurprisingly, textured ceilings and 스위피게임 walls, as well as fully carpeted floors are a thing of the past and it seems they’ll remain part of the ‘evolution of British home interiors’. Currently, minimalistic design is the way forward. This includes smooth walls, white skirting and picture rails, and linoleum floors.

Decreasing the number of bathrooms and bedrooms

A big no-no in most people’s books. Even if you don’t use the spare bedroom for anything other than storage, whatever you do, avoid the temptation to knock the wall through to the one next door. Even house buyers without children look for multiple bedrooms because it provides promise and guarantees long-term living if they wish to start a family. This is why three and four bedroom houses are most popular.

Similarly, having a downstairs bathroom or toilet is a luxury for many homeowners. In light of this, we suggest you avoid turning it into a storage cupboard or coat closet.

Reduction in land space

Again, copious land space is a luxury nowadays, especially for owners of new builds. The direction of the housing industry seems to be to cram as many homes in as possible without the consideration for outdoor space. However, this can be a turn off for many, particularly for those who enjoy garden parties and summer BBQs.

For that reason, if you’re looking to extend, take the time to decide if you could extend upwards rather than out. Consequently, it might not be the easiest decision but is most likely to have a positive impact on your house value instead of the opposite.

When considering your next renovation project, do your research first to find out if this is just a whim or something others are also looking for. Of course, your home is your home and essentially the decision is up to you. But, if there is a possibility you could be looking to sell later down the line, 릴게임 바다이이야기 you may just change your mind if you were to know the implications of doing so.

This article was written by Norwich Glass Company who carry out glass installations to improve your home and property: website Home Improvements Add The Most Value to Your House?


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