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What is the theme of Taylor swifts song our song? –

Its called “Our Song!”

Who are Taylor Swifts family?

taylor swifts favorite song is “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” by Tim McGraw.

What was Taylor Swifts job?

Taylor swifts job is a song writer because she said that on the Ellen show

What is Taylor Swifts favorite song that she wrote?

Taylor swifts favorite song that she wrote is mean because it has a country tune and she loves country

What instruments are used in Taylor Swift’s song Our Song?

what instruments are used in taylor swifts song our song?

Who and what is Taylor Swifts sould’ve said no based on?

Taylor Swifts song “Should’ve Said No” was based on her relationship when her boyfriend cheated on her.

What album is Taylor Swifts song 22 in?

Taylor Swift’s song ’22’ is on her album ‘Red’.

What is Taylor Swifts favorite theme?

Her favorite theme is Christmas, because it is her favorite holiday. And I know that because I’m Taylor Swift Crazy.

What is Taylor swifts lastest song?

Her latest song is “Safe and Sound”.

What was Taylor Swifts 2 song?

Teardrops on My Guitar

What is Taylor Swift’s most famous song?

Taylor swifts most famous song is Our song and she wrote it for Joe Jonas !!

What is Taylor swifts hardest song to write?

teardrops on my guitwer

What is Taylor Swifts first song she ever wrote then released?

I believe her first song is “Our Song”.

What was Taylor 우리카지노 swifts second song?

i think her first song was “our song” and her second was “tim mcgraw”

What is Taylor Swifts most famous song?

i THINK Taylor Swift’s most famous song is Fearless. It is really good.

What album is Taylor Swifts if i die young from?

‘If I Die Young’ is NOT a Taylor 바카라사이트주소 Swift song. The Band Perry is the artist of that song.

What album is Taylor Swifts song Mean on?

Mean is on Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now.

What was Taylor Swifts first song?

Taylor Swift’s first song was Am I Ready for Love. It is a really good song. She wrote it when she was 12. Listen to it on YouTube.

Who is Taylor swifts song forever and for always about?

It was written about Joe Jonas

Taylor swifts first hit song?

Wasn’t it “Tim McGraw?

Is there an official music video for Taylor swifts Mary’s song?

No, but I wish there was. 🙁

Who is Taylor swifts song i knew you were trouble about?

A guy she broke up with.

What CD is Taylor Swifts song permanent marker on?

its not on a CD i wish it was but its not its just a extra song

Is Taylor swifts new song about Kanye?

she has a song called innocent that is indeed about kanye west

What is Taylor Swifts favorite holiday?

Christmas♥ found in “Taylor Swift, Her Song” by Riley Brooks

”TimMcGraw” the song was on what album of Taylor Swifts?

Her first album, self titled “Taylor Swift”

Who is the first love of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swifts first love is drew because she wrote a song about him.

Are all of taylor swifts songs about boys?

no she has a song ‘the best day’ which is about her family

When did Taylor Swifts first song come out?

June 2006, “Tim McGraw”

What is Taylor swifts fav song?

I just jizzed my pants she wolf by shakira

What is Taylor swifts first song?

american boy, or lucky you. she wrote them when she was 12!

What album is Taylor swifts song eyes open on?

Hunger games soundtrack

What is Taylor swifts new song holy ground about?

A big hole in the ground

What instruments are used in Taylor Swifts song Beautiful Eyes?

it depends on where you lissen to it

What is Taylor Swifts favorite song?

She said its “cant tell me nothing” by Tim mcgraw. like her song..

What Taylor Swifts number one song?

Her number one song would be Love Story or You Belong With Me.

What is Taylor swifts best song so far?

love story, our song, crazier or teardrops on my guitar

What is Taylor Swift’s favorite song?

Her favorite song is “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” by Tim McGraw. love story. Taylor swifts favorite song is i’d lie

When Was Taylor Swifts Song Teardrops on your Guitar released?

Taylor Swift’s song Teardrops on My Guitar was released in 2007. The song was released on her debut album that was self titled.

What was Taylor swifts first 1 song?

“Our song” was her first #1 song. She sang it at the 9th Grade Talent Show

What is Taylor Swifts perents called?

What is Taylor Swifts perents called?

What does Taylor Swifts mom do?

was taylor swifts mom in the flooring buisness

What is Taylor Swifts newest song?

Taylor Swift’s newest single is Begin Again. It was released on October 1, 2012.

What is Taylor swifts favorite song ever?

her favorite music artist is Tim mcgraw.

Who is in talor swifts video fifteen?

Justin Bieber ask Taylor out. So that song is about him.

What is Taylor swifts best selling song?

As of 2011, it was Love Story, then You Belong With Me 2nd.

When was Taylor swifts song speak now released?

I think October 25, 2010…

When was Taylor Swifts mom born?

Andrea Swifts (Taylor Swifts moms) birthday is January 10. She is 51

Taylor Swift first song?

Taylor swifts first song was Lucky You she she wrote it when she was 11 12 years old but of course if you hear the song now she sang it when she was much older

What is Taylor Swifts favorite flower?

Taylor Swifts favorite flower is a rose.

What is Taylor Swifts lucky number?

Taylor Swifts lucky number is 13.


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