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Which is faster lmp1 or f1? –

F1 is the fastest circuit racing in the world.

Is the Audi r10 an f1 car?

The R10 is not an F1 car. It is actually the Le Mans entry for Audi under the LMP1 class of vehicle. This is a Diesel entry and has seen a high degree of success in recent years. Hope this helps!

Which is faster a mclaren f1 or a Ferrari f1 car?

Ferrari f1 because Ferrari f1 is faster than McLaren f1 Ferrari f1 has more mph (miles per hour) than McLaren f1 and Ferrari f1 has way more better aerodynamics than McLaren f1

Is veyron faster then a mclaren f1?

Bugatti veyron is not as fast as the macleren f1

Is an f1 faster than a bugatti veyron?

No. F1 are slowest than a Veyron but accelerate quicker. However, F1 cars are electronically limited.

What is faster F1 or MotoGP?

Motogp bikes accelarate faster, and would win on a quarter mile

Is a bug faster then a cheetah?

only if the bug is driving a F1

Does a McLaren f1 go faster then a Lamborghini?

Because it is lighter, yes

Is formula 1 faster than heavy bike?

F1 cars are significantly faster than a MotoGP round a track

In f1 racing which color flag is waived when a faster car passes?

A blue flag is waved to inform you that a faster car is coming up to lap you.

What is faster an A1 GP car or a formula 1 car?

The A1 GP uses technology based on F1 cars. Rules state that A1 GP cars must weigh 700kg dry and usually make 540bhp or 더킹카지노 쿠폰 600bhp for short periods of time. F1 cars weigh 605kg wet and make up to 780bhp. A Honda F1 car with it’s aerodynamic effects adjusted for top speed, managed to hit 415km/h(258mph) in the Mojave desert. Based on known statistics, the F1 car will accelerate fast, brake faster and turn faster…

How fast can a Mclaren f1 go with nitrous?

There is nobody which have prooven it, and I dont think it will be prooved either, I think that you couldn’t make cars like the McLaren F1 go faster with nitrous, you will just ruin the engine.

What is the world’s fastest motorsport?

F1 is the world’s fastest motorsport. Sorry, I am a big F1 fan and would love to agree but Air Racing, both Reno style and Red Bull Air Races are faster.

Which car is faster Stock Car or F1?

F1 but not by much…. F1 car – race record (monza) speed (369.9km/h)229.8 mph – on the mojave desert (Honda) (415km/h)258 mph A nascar car qualifying record in 1987 224mph at bonneville one went 244mph

Is a v8 super car faster than an f1 car?

The V8 Supercar features a 600bhp 5.0 litre motor and runs on huge slicks, while the F1 car is half its weight and generates an extra 150bhp from its 2.4 litre V8. The result is as predictable as it could possibly be, and we have seen this style of race a few times before. So yes an f1 is faster than a v8, sorry if your a little disappointed but the max bph on a…

How do you get help in ms word?

Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key.

Can a buggati veyron beat a F1 car?

In a straight line at full speed, yes. On a track, no. F1 cars are sharper in turns and accelerate quicker. However, the top speed is electronically limited (championship rules) so the Veyron is faster.

What is the one key access to Publisher 2012 help?

Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key. Press the F1 key.

What is faster around a track a Moto GP bike or a Formula 1 car?

although the bike has a higher top speed and pulls away faster the F1 car has more traction for cornering and braking. Making the car faster around a track

Is bugatti veyron faster than MClarenf1?

It is faster than a Mclaren F1. A mclaren goes 240mph and a veyron goes 253mph. It also is more powerful and has a quicker 0-60 accelaration. It is also a hell of a lot more expensive.the mclaren f1 is capable of producing 600 horsepower it goes 0-60 in just three seconds…..

How is an F1 car constructed?

Constructing an f1 car is a very complicated process. It has a carbon fibre ultra lightweight body, powerful engine, suspensions, gears an transmissions, tires, steering wheel etc. The speed and performance of a f1 car directly depends on how efficiently these parts are assembled. That is why the cars from one team are faster than the others

What hp are f1 cars?

Most f1 cars have about 8-9 hundred horsepower but horsepower is limited and all the cars in one race have the same horsepower so one car doesn’t go faster than another and it is a fair race.

What car is faster on a race track a f1 car or a buggatti veyron?

The Formula 1 car is faster on a race track, due to aerodynamics, tires and other factors making it more adaptable in cornering at high speeds

Is a mclaren f1lm faster than a bugatti?

No, but the Mclaren F1 LM would probably put a better lap time than a Bugatti Veyron.

What are the best and fastest car designs and what makes a car faster then others?

the fastest production car to date is the bugatti veyron… closely followed by Mclaren F1…

What if the McLaren F1 have forced induction?

It would have been faster, but the designer didn’t want the turbo lag, he wanted the throttle response of a normally aspirated engine.

Is a mclaren faster than a Ferrari?

no it is not its fastest car is te mclaren f1 which is 240 mph while the ferrari 599 xx turbo f1 edition is 268 – 272 mph it is given a boost when using KERS that gives it until a tpo speed of 272 -273 mph .

What is the best f1 game for the ps2?

f1 2001 or f1 career challenge by EA are fun and realistic.

How did Mendel obtain his F2 generation?

Crossed his F1 generation in self ferilization. F1 X F1

Coefficient of drag of f1 cars is higher so how they maintain their high speed explain clearly?

The wings on the front and back of f1 cars create a down force which increases cornering speed, which makes for faster lap times even though the drag is higher and reduces straight line speed.

Would human beat formula1 car in 100meters race?

No. F1 cars can go faster than a human could ever go within probably 50 meters.

How do you do Percent of change with fractions?

If the value changes from fraction1 (F1) to fraction 2 (F2), then the percentage change is 100*(F2/F1 – 1) provided F1 > 0. If F1 is 0 then the value is not defined, and if F1 0 you get nonsense results.

Why are new Le Mans LMP1 race cars having a long blade in the middle as well as what is its aerodynamic purpose?

This blade or fin is to prevent the cars from rolling over sideways in the air in case of a crash.

Does the mclaren f1 have nitroes?

No. F1 cars do not have Nitro’s

What is faster than a Ferrari?

Many cars are faster than ferrari, especially when it comes to top speed. But an overall car which haves: – Good Handling. – Good Acceleration. – Good Grip. – Good Top Speed. I would say that the best car is McLaren F1

What is the f1 function?

F1 function is to help and is the support center

Can you use f1 in a sentence?

Please be careful with that f1 key.

What is the F1 function in Excel operation?

F1 shows the help in MS Excel. Infact, F1 key is for help in all application.

What are the new teams joining F1 in 2010?

The new teams joining the F1 2010 season are: Mercedes GP Petronas Lotus F1 Campos Meta 1 US F1 Virgin Racing

Write a java program that reads a file name from the user then displays information about whether the file exists whether it is readable writable type of file and the length of the file in bytes?

import java.util.Scanner; import; public class Filedemo public static void main(String[] args) Scanner input=new Scanner(; String s=input.nextLine(); File f1=new File(s); System.out.println(“File Name:”+f1.getName()); System.out.println(“Path:”+f1.getPath()); System.out.println(“Abs Path:”+f1.getAbsolutePath()); System.out.println(“Parent:”+f1.getParent()); System.out.println(“This file is:”+(f1.exists()?”Exists”:”Does not exists”)); System.out.println(“Is file:”+f1.isFile()); System.out.println(“Is Directory:”+f1.isDirectory()); System.out.println(“Is Readable:”+f1.canRead()); System.out.println(“IS Writable:”+f1.canWrite()); System.out.println(“Is Absolute:”+f1.isAbsolute()); System.out.println(“File Last Modified:”+f1.lastModified()); System.out.println(“File Size:”+f1.length()+”bytes”); System.out.println(“Is Hidden:”+f1.isHidden());

Will be f1 08 ps2 release?

no but will be on pc from James yes it will be a f1 2008 on every console and it will be now made by codemasters as i found this from it will be out in 2009 but not sure exact date from raul master of f1

How do you download tv program to starsat satellite receiver SR-F1?

star sat sr-f1 master pin code

How do i get ricruted in force INDIA f1 team?

To get recruited into the force India F1 team you have to be actively involved in F1 for at least 2 years.

Who is the current F1 champion?

shomaker is the current F1 champion in the world.

What is effective contract price?

S2 + F1 – F2 = F1 + b2

How expensive is a Mclaren F1?

A Mclaren F1 is 11.8 million dollars.

What is the genotype of F1 generation?

F1 generation genotype is uniform, heterozygous.

Why do F1 drivers move to NASCAR?

Because they didn’t make it in F1.

Can you watch f1 on ESPN?

Not in the USA … F1 can be viewed on the Speed Channel.

What is meant by the F1 generation?

f1 generation means new generation.

What is the top speed of a mcclaren?

For 더나인카지노 the ’90’s Mclaren F1, it is 241 miles per hour. It is still faster than an Enzo. The Mercedes Mclaren SLR is 208 miles per hour.


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